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Where Nature is Unhindered!


:iconlawooplz: Welcome to the Winners of Unframed-Nature's "Treasure Hunt Activity Contest!" :iconlawooplz:

This is in regard to our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  If you have not seen the original, but :note: NOW UPDTED :note: Article
check it out, HERE:
:spotlight-right: Making History: Unframed-Nature is 10 Years Old! :spotlight-left:

:iconlittleflowerplz: Our BIG Anniversary FLOWER Contest
Welcome to Unframed-Nature's BIG

:iconflower-plz: This is our FIRST of TWO BIG CONTESTS which we host each calendar year!
:iconflower-plz: This particular BIG CONTEST is inspired by our Group's very own:
TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY and is definitely meant to be one of the BIGGEST, or BIGGEST Activities, ( of which some activities or results will surely run into July, at this point. :XD: )
If you have NOT yet seen the ORIGINAL Introduction regarding our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY, you may see it HERE:
:spotlight-right: :spotlight-left:

:iconbouquetplz: So Again, We Wish Everyone Associated With Unframed-Nature, A HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! :iconbouquetplz:
Okay, so THE THEME IS:  F L O W E R S.
Flowers, in and of themselves, do NOT seem like a very challe
izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy
:icontreasureplz: Presenting the Winners of Unframed-Nature's "The TREASURE HUNT Activity/Contest!" :icontreasureplz:   
Questions with Answers are at the bottom, for those interested! :aww:

:megaphone: WE HAVE A TIE FOR FIRST PLACE!! :iconcatlaplz:

:note: I just couldn't bare to find a way to break it... if they won't mind foregoing just a bit of the aforementioned points for 1st place.

:trophy: 1st FIRST PLACE MirachRavaia :iconmirachravaia: :rose:
PRIZES: 300 :points: & FEATURE!

A dream of spring by MirachRavaiaTatted Tree of Gondor by MirachRavaiaHobbit door by MirachRavaia
Beren and Luthien: growing old together by MirachRavaiaTwo Trees by MirachRavaiaWhite Tree in flower by MirachRavaia
Varda Elentari by MirachRavaiaMini Silmarillion: The tale of Beren and Luthien by MirachRavaiaTelperion and Laurelin 2 by MirachRavaia
Poppies by MirachRavaiaColorful like a vietnamese towel by MirachRavaiaTender structures by MirachRavaia

~ Tied with the Lovely... ~
:trophy: 1st FIRST PLACE: Stygma :iconstygma: :rose:
PRIZES: 300 :points: & FEATURE!

The Snail Is Not A Lie by StygmaBlaez by StygmaTrix has teeth by Stygma
Trix - Safari Egg Event by StygmaModernKnight by StygmaFAX - Hummer by Stygma
Into the Blue by StygmaStriped kitty by StygmaFAX - Masked creature by Stygma
Nocturne by StygmaWho? Me? by StygmaHer heart by Stygma


:trophy: 2nd SECOND PLACE TheDewdropFairy :iconthedewdropfairy: :rose:
PRIZES: 225 :points: & FEATURE!

I miss you most when the lilacs bloom by TheDewdropFairyRain by TheDewdropFairyAn angel blew a kiss to earth by TheDewdropFairy
To feel the breath of the wind by TheDewdropFairyClose your eyes by TheDewdropFairyThe magical memory jar by TheDewdropFairy
Winter silent and still by TheDewdropFairyWatching the world burn by TheDewdropFairyIn breathless silence by TheDewdropFairy
Summer blues by TheDewdropFairyPosy for a fairy bride by TheDewdropFairyWhen the poppies bloom again by TheDewdropFairy

:trophy: 3rd THIRD PLACE TheRedSephaos :icontheredsephaos: :rose:
PRIZES: 125 :points: & FEATURE!


:eager: All of our participants were very close in finding the correct treasures, that this time we DO have placements for RUNNERS UP!
:clap: :omg: :clap:

Equal Order:

:trophy: RUNNER-UP DasGhul :icondasghul: :rose:
PRIZES: 25 :points: & FEATURE!

Green Swan by DasGhulFlowers and Water by DasGhulMars Attacks by DasGhul
Mizzi. Queen. by DasGhulWe'll meet again by DasGhulSadness by DasGhul
Yesterday's Shine by DasGhulSequence, initialized by DasGhulVoodoo Loungin' by DasGhul

:trophy: RUNNER-UP LiveArtBreatheArt :iconliveartbreatheart: :rose:
PRIZES: 25 :points: & FEATURE!

Starting Over by LiveArtBreatheArtSpring Green by LiveArtBreatheArtWinter in the Pines by LiveArtBreatheArt
Oh so Blue by LiveArtBreatheArtLovely Tea Time by LiveArtBreatheArtThe Burn Before the Fire by LiveArtBreatheArt
Autumns Morning by LiveArtBreatheArtMorning Light by LiveArtBreatheArtHope by LiveArtBreatheArt

:iconshovelplz: GREAT DIGGING, EVERYONE! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL! :iconshovelplz:


izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy

:icontreasureplz: The Findings & Answers to The Treasure Hunt! :icontreasureplz:


1.  What is always the “Main Nature Folder” second one down under the Submitting Folder?

AnswerLand Mammals, Wild and Domestic

2. What is Members’ Submitting Limit?

AnswerTWO, Appropriate Nature Works per Week

:rose: BONUS:  What is the TYPE of NEWS & JOURNALS that Unframed-Nature WILL Accept?

:bulletgreen: ANY news or journals that contain causes related to nature and animals.
:bulletgreen: ANY news or journals that supports other positive, helpful, or compassionate events or causes.  In other words, it does NOT have to be nature-related, but we as a nature group, would support other happenings in news, that would be considered kind, good, and helpful, in some way, humanity-wise, too.
:bulletgreen: ANY news or journals containing contests or projects related to ANY of the above!
:bulletgreen: ANY news or journals with helpful tools or tips, on how to DO something-- such as tutorials!

3. How many categories are actually allowed in the “Still Life Etc.” folder?

Answer: FIVE (5)

A. What are they?

Answer Still Life, Conceptual, Crafts, Abstract, Fantasy NATURE

4.  What Group do we permanently promote and sponsor?


:rose: BONUS: Which groups, do we always submit ALL of our News Articles/Group Journals to in most recent times?

AnswerdAWishingWell and DevNews

5.  When is our Super Group due date?

Answer: December 1, 2016

A. Do we want to Renew our Super Group?

Answer: YES! :giggle:

6. How many BIG Contests do we have a year?

Answer: TWO (2)

:rose: BONUS: What was the name of our last THEME?

Answer: “WINTER THEME ’15-’16: Holiday Hearth or Snow + Ice”

:rose: BONUS: What was the name of our FIRST Contest, with TeaPhotography trying to run the group as Co-Founder?

Answer: “Sharing the Magic of Autumn CONTEST 2010”

7. Who was the Winner of our BIG CONTEST “Earth Day- Earth’s Wonders of Water”? (devname)

Answer: painted-leaf

A. What was the Winning Piece? (The Thumb Code is preferred, if possible.)

Answer: .:. EARTH's Wonders of WATER .:. by painted-leaf YAY! :trophy:
Congrats again! :XD:

8. What were our four top winning placements from our “Awesome Abstracts of Autumn CONTEST”? (Thumb Code if you can- just the pieces, not the names of the winners. :) )


1st Early One Autumn Morning by Velvet--Glove
2nd Change by DulaniY
3rd Bare bones by TheDewdropFairy
4th Amber autumn. by Kondratij

Congrats again to all! :D

9.  What does our Group say, About Us?


Hello, and Welcome to the Administrators' "About Us" Section of Our Group! :wave:

Some to many of our Administrators, work regularly and very hard for this group as Volunteers. :rose:
I don't pay them, even if they deserve it! :XD:

Some of us have been with the Group for a very long time, others are still quite new. :aww:
Regardless, we're all human, and we all make mistakes. :nod:

If you have any questions or concerns, after consulting, FAQ:, visiting inside of the Gallery Folders, and touring your way around the Profile Page, and recent Group Journals,
Please DO feel free to Note the Group!

Someone WILL be with you as soon as we are able.
We ARE here to help!

Thank you for supporting us and participating in our Group!

10. Currently, who are all of our Supporting Team Administrators?

Answer: Lilith-the-5th


thank u by littlebluewildfireThank You!thank u by littlebluewildfire

izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy izza pandah. by valokilljoy

Thank you to you ALL, who participated, and as well as,
HUGE THANKS to ALL supporters of this Activity/Contest as well!

You're all amazing, and truly awesome!

:icongiveroseplz: thank u by littlebluewildfire :icongiveroseplz:


:eyes: Making History: Unframed-Nature is 10 Years Old!EVENTS UPDATED!! - (as of June 21st)
Your Admin. Staff is Here to WISH You ALL
Below, you will find about TEN Activities, Events, Themes, & Contests, for which you, our beloved MEMBERS, and in most cases, our beautiful ADMINISTRATORS, will be able to participate in!
:star: TEN Trivia Questions about the Group.
:bulletblack: Completed! :thanks:
:star: TEN TREASURE Hunt Items from the Group.
:bulletblack: Completed! :thanks:
:star: Anniversary Writing Contest - Choose Between 2 Themes.
:bulletred: Sorry, Activity Will No Longer Be Available. :hmm:
:star: Voting on the "MARCH-APRIL TOP SUBS..." Done Very Differently! :)
[Bullet; Black] Completed! [Thanks for everything!]
[Star!] This Year's FIRST, BIG CONTEST: "ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS for Unframed-Nature"!
[Bullet; Green] IN PROGRESS! [:eager: by darkmoon3636]
[Star!] Celebrate and Respect your (still-involved) Elders, "but WHO are They?"
[Bullet; Black] Completed! [Thanks for everything!]

As you can see, there are few ~KEY~ items left...
including another CONTEST!!!, but of a completely different kind, than the one that is still IN PROGRESS.

The INFO. first, and then the OPENING of this CONTEST, will be EARLY JULY!
:squee: :excited: :w00t: :bounce: :eager: :la: :dance:


:points: If you want to help us out a bit, to finish our CELEBRATIONS, and etc. many other things coming up, the rest of 2016,

feel free to donate here: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

Please :note: NOTE: That what the donation pool says is not accurate... and shows MUCH HIGHER than what we have... :XD:
Check the Article on the Profile Page for a closer accuracy. :aww:

Yellow-Tulips by KmyGraphicYellow-Tulips by KmyGraphicYellow-Tulips by KmyGraphic

Header Image Pixabay
CSS Code melikebat
CSS Design Sublime-Feline
Slightly Modified TeaPhotography
Special Thanks to Kitty Sublime-Feline
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