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Where Nature is Unhindered!

:iconchristmas-treeplz::iconchristmas-tree1plz::iconchristmas-tree2plz::iconchristmas-treeplz: :iconchristmas-tree1plz::iconchristmas-tree2plz::iconchristmas-treeplz:

:holly: It's that time of the year!
This is that time of the year when we have our ANNUAL GROUP CLOSURE-
we do this for a couple of reasons, and we are 95% closed, all except for
a Special THEME FOLDER...

:note: We close sometime today/tonight on Saturday December 20th.
:note: We Re-Open around Jan. 11th-Jan 12th.
:note: It gives the Admins., somewhat of a break, AND, about a week before re-opening, it gives the much needed time it takes to do a lot of group updating, revamping, and make some necessary changes, that will hopefully help the group run more efficiently for both Admins., AND Members, and all of us together. We do this, at this time of the year, EVERY YEAR! :aww:
Thank you for your understanding and your patience!
:note: However, as I said we are only closed about 95%, and so for fun, we ARE leaving a special THEME folder open during this time... it will be open SOON!

Please, take a bit of time to read about all of this, below! :thanks: :heart:
:iconredflowerplz: Voting on Top Submissions of NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014! :iconredflowerplz:


:iconpocketwatchplz: TIME TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER/DECEMBER'S FOUR ORIGINAL FOLDERS! :iconpocketwatchplz:

Our group will be closing sometime today/tonight, Saturday December 20th.


WinterBird by KmyGraphicBUT- THIS Time, Members Do NOT NEED TO VOTEWinterBird by KmyGraphic

Most Months, we hold a WHOLE GROUP Membership Voting, and we Welcome our AWESOME MEMBERS/[plus ADMIN.!!] to VOTE on what each feel are the TOP Submissions from the Month, out of our Folders!
We believe this is the Group's Group.
:heart: :icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz: :heart:

:la: However, this is one of the RARE occasions where we will be having ADMINS-ONLY to Vote on the MAIN FOUR December Folders! They will be receiving instructions on how to do this, very soon, and as usual, I myself will choose work from our other and special folders.

Also, I or we, will also take care of presenting some some sort of winners from the THEME folder, sometime after it closes. It will close Jan. 24th. Please continue reading below for more details about our HOLIDAY THEME FOLDER! :D

:note: I will be sending our Fabulous ADMIN. TEAM a collective Announcement on all above info., as soon as I am able. :nod:


Winter-Love by KmyGraphicHOLIDAY-WINTER THEME: Snowy or Decorated Tree!snowy night by Digithalie

:star: THEME: "Wintery, Snowy OR Decorated TREE"
:star: ONE Entry Per MEMBER
:star: OPENS:  Sometime on Saturday Dec. 20th
:star: CLOSES: Saturday Jan. 24th 2015 Midnight PST.
:star: ANY media that can depict a tree, that, if outside, expresses Winter weather in a cold, windy, icy, or snowy way. It could be closer up or more in the distance. We are not going to be picky about this, although we would prefer ONE single tree. But if it is a landscape of such trees, this is okay, too. :aww:
The main idea of this theme, is just to be able to have a little fun over the holidays, while the rest of our group remains closed.
If the tree is INSIDE (or sometimes also outside), it could be a decorated tree, with LIGHTS and ornaments and everything- basically, your Christmas tree, IF YOU WANTED! :aww:
:bulletred: AVOID submitting close-ups of JUST a single ornament- this is NOT what we want.
:bulletgreen: We DO want to see the WHOLE tree, whether it is snowy, windy etc. or whether it is decorated with lights and ornaments, etc., :nod:

:star: :trophy: PRIZES:
As always, at this time of year, Prizes for the HOLIDAY-WINTER theme are not announced.
We *may* have some kind of Points for Winners, or certain featured Participants, but it is not in our ability
to make specific promises at this point. We will have some kind of feature at some point, though!
:rose: Please think of this lovely THEME as something to participate in truly just for the FUN of it!
THANK YOU!! :thanks: :heart:

:iconchristmas-treeplz::iconchristmas-tree1plz::iconchristmas-tree2plz::iconchristmas-treeplz: :iconchristmas-tree1plz::iconchristmas-tree2plz::iconchristmas-treeplz:

:trophy: Upcoming Themes & Contests :trophy:

Besides the THEME described above, when our Themes and Contests resume in 2015,
those dates and themes are still being developed, and will be announced later, when the time is closer!
But the plan is to have a GREAT YEAR in this regard, as well as in general, too!


:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:pencil:Unframed-Nature's UpComing News Articles :pencil:

:bulletred: The "NEW FAQ & RULES for UNFRAMED-NATURE for 2015" will come out just before we re-open, toward the beginning of JAN. 2015.

:bulletred: There will be a "TOP SUBMISSIONS of UNFRAMED-NATURE NOV.-DEC. & NEWS!" which will come out Mid-JAN. 2015.

:bulletred: "THE BEST OF UNFRAMED-NATURE 2015" will be out sometime late JANUARY 2015.

:bulletred: There will be a "Very Special Thank You Feature" for our Members/Admins. who have voted
in the last THREE VOTINGS of:
This will come out sometime in late January.


:icondonatepointsgreenplz: POINTS for Our Group! :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

:squee: WE RENEWED OUR SUPERGROUP STATUS ON 12-1, FOR ONE MORE YEAR, 'TIL 12-1-2015 !! :squee:

We could NOT have done it without ALL of you FINE donors who donated either once, or TIME and TIME again throughout 2014, the value of such generosity has gone a long way! :nod:
We cannot thank our donors enough, for what they've done...
We see points translated as literally monetary efforts, and money is difficult for all of us to come by these days.
From the bottom of our HEARTS, :heart: we thank you, as your generous acts do not go unnoticed!


We've just barely begun to see a few new points trickle in since we made SuperGroup, and THIS is SUPER news... :eager::eager::eager:
We will use our SuperGroup status, and all other incoming points, wisely, as you have trusted us to do so in the past, to continue to make us the organized, creative, encouraging, helpful and FUN group for our members that we aspire to be. :heart:

We plan to continue with our two BIG Contests in 2015, and to continue with Monthly THEMES, as ever or better, if possible, and we've got a few possible ideas, in efforts to help make things run more efficiently to meet our growing groups growing BIG needs, as well as to continue to accommodate a variety of interests.

These are some of the things that your generous points help us to be able to accomplish. Thank you again for your fantastic help! Just no way we can do what we do, with out YOU!

To help us to achieve all of these things, if you do have a few points to spare, feel free to donate to our group, HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

:star: Any point helps, and you will read there, how our donors are rewarded! :star:

:icongrouphugplz: Admins. for Unframed-Nature! :icongrouphugplz:

There may be a couple of changes within our Admin. Team during the Holiday Group Closure!
I'm mostly hoping to add a couple of new Admins., (though there could be other changes as well...)
Anyway, our group is growing and it's just part of a growing group...
I talked more about the specific issues involved in the last voting Article HERE:
Sept.-Oct. TOP SUBS of Unframed-Nature and NEWSWelcome to SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2014’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.
Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome each one of you and your support! :thanks:

A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS! :love:
:dance:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :dance:
And a HUGE thank you to all of you loyal Members who have been submitting your most fabulous
Nature Work to our Group for a long time now.
Without you, we just simply wouldn’t be here. :aww:
Thank you so much to ALL of the amazing MEMBERS (and Admins.) who returned to vote on our main folders for these two months! :love:
Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our love of Art with our love of Nature, and coming together under

...if you are interested to understand.
Anyway, if you interested in the possibility of joining our team,
you might want to take a look at the application, FIRST, just to get an idea of things,
it is WAAAAAY more informal than it looks- you do not need to know everything on it-
I know I do not! :XD:
Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

Note me if you are interested, and feel free to attach some answers from the application just so I can get to know you, especially if I don't know you! :D

:iconteamoplz: Affiliate Groups’ News & CONTESTS :iconteamoplz:

:wow: We are currently promoting THREE AMAZING and INTERESTING CONTESTS!!!
Please see our Profile Page, left-hand side, for the information! :la:
Thank you Taylor WindInTheCoffeeCup for keeping contest promotions organized for us! :rose:

Please send our GROUP a GROUP NOTE, if you are a GROUP AFFILIATE, if you would like us to PROMOTE a Contest or Event.
If you want us to feature any Winners, you MUST state this, AND you must send the GROUP another NOTE, when the Winners have been chosen with a LINK to them.

Taylor, WindInTheCoffeeCup helps to keep me informed to this information so that I can briefly announce it here, and also feature the Winners.

Thank You!!!



Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

:iconcraciun4: A real and special :heart:HEART-FELT:heart: THANK YOU goes out to my fellow-Admins., who are always doing something to help our group here! They do a truly fantastic job! :clap::clap::clap::clap:
There are just no words great enough to express my utter appreciation for my fellow admins.
I honestly do not know what I would do without them, but I DO know, we would not and could NOT, have the group that we do... it would be impossible to keep up this level of quality that I and we receive so much feedback on. :happycry:


I just love our TEAM!


You're my Favorite by KmyGraphic

On behalf of Your Admins., at Unframed-Nature we hope that your first most of your December has been lovely, and we wish for you, that the rest will be a most delightful December!!

:iconhappyholidayssignplz: :iconxmasdanceplz:

Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Founder

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