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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 12:57 PM

:sillydance: by catluvr2 Voting on Top Submissions of JULY-AUG. 2014 :sillydance: by catluvr2


:iconpocketwatchplz: TIME TO VOTE ON JULY/AUGUST's FOUR ORIGINAL FOLDERS :iconpocketwatchplz:


~~~ :icontulipplz: ~~~ HOW to VOTE ~~~ :icontulipplz: ~~~

MOST Months We Hold a WHOLE GROUP Membership Voting, and we Welcome our AWESOME MEMBERS/[plus ADMIN.!!] to VOTE on what each feel are the TOP Submissions from that time period, out of our Folders!
We believe this is the Group's Group.
:heart: :icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz: :heart:

You May Vote on:

:bulletblue: 2 from "Birds, Inverts, Aquats, Repts, Amphibs, JULY-AUG.'14" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 2 from "Land Mammals, Wild & Domestic JULY-AUG.'14" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 2 from "Nature Much Closer JULY-AUG.'14" - HERE:…

:bulletblue: 2 from "All 'Scapes July-AUG.'14" - HERE:…

:bulletorange: 1 from "JULY-AUG.THEME: DOUBLE or Nothing, CLOSE-UPS" - HERE:…

( :note: In this folder, if you have participated, you may NOT vote for yourself. :thanks: )

:star: Please, dear Members/Admins., help us out by Voting on just ONE best, from our THEME folder! :D

The MAX number of submissions you can vote on for this month is: NINE [ 9 ].

[If more is sent, I will choose from your own votes. Thanks. :thanks:]

:note: ONE of your votes, could be of ONE of your own submissions, but ONLY IF you wish! :) (Again, not if you participated in the Theme folder.)

:pointr: SEND in a NOTE to me, Tea of TeaPhotography :iconteaphotography: up to NINE [ 9 ] of what you believe is The TOP Submissions in the way described above, using THUMBCODES, please. :thanks:

:note: NOTE: If you do NOT know how to do THUMBCODES,
check out this tutorial:

TUT: Thumb Codes, Links + Emb. by TimberClipse

If still NOT sure, PLEASE ask in a comment below, for any Member or Admin. to answer, or SEND the GROUP a NOTE. :)

:pointr: VOTING is from starting NOW, SEPT. 1st through SEPT. 7th, ending sometime around the afternoon, MY time, which is Pacific Standard Time, giving plenty of time into the evening and night, for ALL! ;) 
:note: Please understand, I will NOT be updating this voting journal to say that voting actually closed. :thanks:

:note: We have been temporarily closing the group, just during the first week, every OTHER month, during the time of voting for a while now. Our Group will re-open on September 8th! :nod:

:iconcatearsplz: As soon as I possibly can, after the 7th, I will assemble and log the votes, into my spreadsheet, and THEN put together the Group News Article: "The Top Submissions..." to showcase both months' work, which the Members have voted on. :aww:

:rose::thanks: :community::community::community::community::community: :thanks: :rose:

On behalf of the Administrators, we thank you for your really REMARKABLE submissions during JULY and AUGUST!
Keep up the AWESOMENESS!
You Are Awesome by Sugaree33-Art


:note: PLEASE NOTE: Regarding our :heart:"FOUR Special Folders":heart:

Work from these folders WILL be included, too!!!

Just leave it to Yours Truly, aka your Team Leader, and with great difficulty, I will select a few (of the many) fabulous works from each of these most wonderful folders, and feature them also in the next "TOP SUBS OF JULY-AUGUST 2014" :heart:

Butterfly love by Nina1love1


:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:pencil:Unframed-Nature's UpComing News Articles :pencil:

:bulletpink: "The TOP Subs of JULY-AUGUST 2014" News Article, should come out by mid-SEPTEMBER. :nod:
:bulletpink: We will have a separate Article out, hopefully by the end of September, in regard to our LAST, HUGE CONTEST of the YEAR, which will be Autumnal-Themed of some sort.

:trophy: Upcoming Themes & Contests :trophy:

:pointr: Unframed-Nature's NEXT BIG CONTEST!
THEME: Autumn- The Specific Theme is still to be Announced.
DATES: Tentatively, set for Sun. Oct. 5th - Sat. Nov. 8th.
(Yes these dates could change!)

:pointr: Probably a last THEME of the YEAR in DECEMBER!
THEME: To Be Announced.

:icondonatepointsgreenplz: POINTS for Our Group! :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

From the bottom of our HEARTS, :heart: we thank you, as your generous acts do not go unnoticed!


:bulletblack: The NEXT BIG CONTEST of the Year takes place around this OCTOBER!
(We have TWO HUGE CONTESTS per Year!)

:bulletblack: We will continue with our Monthly Themes, which are much smaller point prizes.

:bulletblack: The NEXT/Last Theme of 2014 will be in December!!

:bulletblack: We sometimes use points for other special occasions or circumstances, on a smaller scales.

:bulletblack: At this point, we DO plan to renew our SUPERGROUP Status THIS DECEMBER.

These are some of the things that your generous points help us to be able to accomplish. Thank you again for your fabulous help!

To help us to achieve these plans and goals, if you do have a few points to spare, feel free to donate to our group, HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

:star: Any point helps, and you will read there, how our donors are rewarded! :star:

:icongrouphugplz: Admins. for Unframed-Nature! :icongrouphugplz:

:note: If you would be interested in becoming a part of our wonderful Admin. Team
PLEASE NOTE ME, TeaPhotography.
You may want to LOOK at our APPLICATION, first, and answer as many questions as you can, or feel like answering.
It is just SO much more INFORMAL than it looks- really! :nod: :aww:
It just gives us an idea, as well, as you, our potentially newest Admin., a general idea of things. :aww:
Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

:note: And you do NOT have to be qualified in every area, AT ALL, to become a part of the Team!
I'm not! :giggle:

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

Thank you to all of our current Admins., for such willingness to be so helpful! :heart:

:iconlookoutplz: REMINDERS of a Couple of Changes... :iconlookoutplz:

:bulletred: We are going to take the MAIN Nature folders and have them run BI-MONTHLY. That means voting every OTHER month, and "TOP SUBS of TWO MONTHS AT A TIME" News Articles, etc.

WHY? The main reason this is coming about is because, since last Summer, I have been forced to delete folders at our group, which has really broken my heart, since the first time and each time since.

Periodically, I am NOT allowed to create NEW folders until I delete OTHER folders. It's a pain in the neck, it's very sad, and it also makes the job extra difficult. :hmm:
Apparently there IS a limit, and we are definitely at our capacity.

By doing this, it will at least slow things down and I won't have to worry about it, quite as often. :aww:

But then as a small side bonus, I have realized it will help with less work for me, for a couple of reasons... less time opening and closing folders, and less time working on spreadsheets and creating news articles-

In general, in life, I am burning the candle at both ends, AND the middle, so this might help a bit. ;)

:bulletred:  Every OTHER month, when we are transitioning to new folders, and we are temporarily closed, instead of being closed for a few hours, I am going to have us be TEMPORARILY CLOSED for the first week- which means will will re-open on July 8th, then Sept. 8th, then November 8th...

This gives us a lot more breathing room, both for group purposes- time for work on the group itself, and for any personal breathing room, too. :aww:

:iconteamoplz: Affiliate Groups’ News & CONTESTS :iconteamoplz:

:note:TAKE NOTE:note:

If any of them announce their Winners to us by Group Note, by the time our next TOP SUBS is ready to post, I will gladly feature them!

Speaking of which, don't forget:

Our hardworking fellow-Admin. Taylor, WindInTheCoffeeCup is our "point person" and manager of Contest Promotions.  She will look for your GROUP NOTE, where you, as a GROUP AFFILIATE, would ask for us to promote a contest.
:note: She will also alert me to any Affiliate Groups who are ALSO asking for their Contest WINNERS to be :bulletblue:FEATURED:bulletblue:
and we will continue to do those, in these such News Articles, AND especially the "TOP SUBS..." Articles.



:trophy: Affiliate Groups’ CONTEST WINNERS! :trophy:

:icontheflowergroup: "Krazy and Kooky" Flowers Contest Winners!

1st FIRST: :iconkeldbach: with:
Houseleek Blooming by KeldBach

2nd SECOND: :icondeftones1979: with:
what am i by deftones1979

3rd THIRD: :iconvasidgallery: with:
Light Inside by VasiDgallery

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank-you by KmyGraphic

Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

ThankYou by KmyGraphic

A real and special :heart:HEART-FELT:heart: THANK YOU goes out to my fellow-Admins., who always work really hard helping and supporting our group here! They honestly do an impressive job!
I just love our TEAM!


We, at Unframed-Nature wish for you to have a Joyous July & August!
And we look forward to seeing more of your sensational work, when we RE-OPEN on the 10th!



Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Team Leader

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