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Welcome to MAY 2012’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.

Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

Since the beginning of January 2012, we’ve grown 700 Members!
That means, in six months, we’ve grown an average of just over 100 Members a month!
:omg: :party: :party: :party: :omg:

So, a GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS!

:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :squee:

Thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting to our Group for a long time now. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. :aww:


Thank you to ALL the Members who voted on this monthly event!

We completely appreciate you supporting your Group in this particular way. It is so generous of you to take the time to VOTE!  You are wonderful!!

:clap: :heart: :clap:

Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our art with our love of Nature, and coming together under that commonality!

Without further ado...

Please Enjoy The Voted Top Submissions of May 2012.

[:note: Each section/folder has a small group, at the VERY TOP, where those had received just slightly more votes. They will be moved to the Featured Folder.
The others are in no particular order.]

:iconflower-plz: From: Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians, Reptiles

:thumb280517601:Spring Songs 1 by Adolin-of-LightFractal Catepillar by mk-kayemPatiently Waiting by MichelLalonde
Landing by JMrocekFlying Fish by sG-PhotographieLongest Lunch by jankolasIguana by Eltasia
A Promise by surrealistic-gloom Black-throated blue by K-Pepper


Kestrel by CarcaneloceI See The Sun! by BirdinByNoonJonathan Livingston Seagull by FallesenPhotographyLittle Snake by PenguinPhotography
Love by clippercarrilloJellyfish Dance Encaustic by Villa-Chinchilla:thumb149451279:Bohemian Waxwing 1 by MichelLalonde
.May. by gin-suiThey are OUT of CONTROL !! by AdARDurdenBald Eagle Head Closeup by TommyGKL a d y - B i r d by 0paline
Hummer by yungstarTurtle by PenguinPhotographyfields of gold by verniceRMajesty by lordfreedom
Ups... by Alexandra35Pelicans Cubed by andyhutchinsonButterfly Feeding by djtwinz
Au Jardin du Mental by hyneigeI am looking for my happiness. by AljoschaThielenCantharis by miirex
Great Spotted Woodpecker by sylverface3534 by Deformitysmart dark handsome by kumarvijay1708Nature of Love by Moosplauze
We Are Not Amused by Gryffingirl77Another Green-crowned Brilliant by CBascoSpanish Dancer by manaphotoBath Time by Tyrant-ess
Great Egrets by Ryser915

:iconflower-plz: From: Wild Animals

Young Sweet Tiger by sschukinaSneak Attack by Nate-Zemanyou are light of my life by morho:thumb305196830:
Let love in by Jaejoong YAWN... I'm Bored by SilkenWindsThe first look by PictureByPaliPay Attention! by MichelLalonde


Arctic Fox by AzureWindProductionsWhite tiger in leaves by AldemButcherReady for a snooze by MichelLalondeRed Panda by ratinrage
Splash by Kay-NoireBaboon by williamdarosApproach by LupiniciousFood Please VI by Eltasia
Not in front of People 8597P by Sooper-DeviantHaut perche by JessicaSansiquetIt's Snacking Time by SalemCatWhite tiger in leaves by AldemButcher

:iconflower-plz: From: Domestic MAMMALS

Best friends ever by VikarusTwice Surviving and Thriving by TeaPhotographyRocky Mountain Horse by Christa-S-NelsonManolo by MTC001
hello fish by ftourinicocker by mady95Holger Danske by vadaleinLet me eat by Enalla
Luna by sjokoaskoI take a picture of myself by Lilith1995Fel-Non 2012 by VikarusMy Beagle Sir Eddy by vadalein


016 by weelxrearing horse by hannahv92Blue Ice by zoomzoomFocused by BlueAnomiS
Young Malamute by EstrudaA Real Charmer by TeaPhotographyThe funny horse II by caromadden
Food is coming by MichelLalondeTime for Mama by TeaPhotographyKyra by DianaLobriglioIt is the Groundhog... by JocelyneR
Scuttle HSGS by FullMetal-SheepI Am Not A Monster by SofiaERamirezblue by helkiriCat by cs4pro
One That Was Saved by TeaPhotographyGoldlight by MikuMassacre

:iconflower-plz: From: Nature Much Closer

little pink ... by BaxiaArtSweet Nectar by Velvet--GloveMR. WOOD YOU FORGOT YOUR UMBRELLA! by AudraMBlackburnsArta tulip by Ingelore :thumb304933961:Strings by PenguinPhotography:thumb303129711:Somewhere by rainman65
SAKURA by WindyLife Soft dreams by lieveheersbeestjeWatermelon by Annissina


...May it be... by gin-suiwarm rain by The-Sentencedbleeding hearts by IngeloreEarth laughs in flowers. by KimberleySullot
Fading Dreams by fahadeeSpring Fire by BarbaraPommerenkeLove in the evening... just for Lucia! by LadyAliceofOzAmanita by PuppetSan
:thumb303320133:Dancing in the light by PawelMatysever soft biology by Pippa-pppxDandelion by CandiceSmithPhoto
Pink by JunJun510Coronilla by dsfotodsForget-Me-Nots 1 by zaphotonistaSpider web by JENU89
Gerbera by Mark-Allisonsoft whispers by verniceRNew Hope by AljoschaThielenA spider web by cucumber-love
Tulips 7 by zaphotonistaRain Babies by LioRkaalahenchanting.. by FwirllWhere blue always is blue by rainman65
Purple Mystery by CecilyAndreuArtworkLittle pink flowers I by FrancescaDelfinoDebonair by CecilyAndreuArtworkViolet by Zelma1
:thumb302164602:Morning beauty by PawelMatysbleu by little-billieMorning Dew by johnmiklasz
Guess Who's Back by Akeen7000Summer Garden by WendyMitchell apple blossoms by IngeloreSpeaks to Me Poetically by TeaPhotographyOpen your eyes.. by ShinyHeels
evergreen bud by TomKilbaneMessenger of love by malaladanila

:iconflower-plz: From: All ‘Scapes

Red Trees by helios-spadaAway by AdorataSrdenkovaMisty Morning by AnnMarieBoneWe're allowed to dream of the next time we touch by DeadOhioSky77
The Breaking Point by AndrewShoemakerNature's Fireworks by niccolobonfadini:thumb305082770:Silence no.1 by mekemee


May your heart be the map by VJD-CommunicationRainbows by JunJun510tropical river by glass-eaterThe Nature of Crete [Greece] by Sad-SD
Waccamaw river II by SpaniardWithKnivesOceania by AtomicBrownieZen by IvanAndreevichNatural Throne by jusaca01
:thumb300761724:Skylight by RobinHedbergBridge Glow by parallel-pamD a y b r e a k by MarcoHeisler
Cloudy Water. by PassionateLovestoryDon't Blink by AndrewShoemakerKala-Light by AndrewShoemakerBlue Lagoon by AnnMarieBone
Lightning by NorbertKocsisExuberant by IvanAndreevichA Touch Of Dawn by jeremi12
lake view Panorama by SwissAdAWave Day by manaphotoSunrise by cs4pro:thumb305082962:
Waveswept by isotophotoSparks by andyhutchinsonCascade Mist by jasonwildeTypical Fraser by IvanAndreevich
New Cycle by A2MatosA Touch Of Dawn by jeremi12marvelous sky by MateuszPisarskiUp to the sky (Catch the Moon) by HelaLe
Converging by IvanAndreevichWheat and sky by maska13Storm is arriving by rdalpesLike a Tim Burton's Movie by MaximeCourty
last seem the sun by landscapesaxony:thumb301407130:Riverside Oak by Brandon-Schaefer

:iconflower-plz: Featured From: “The Group’s Donors’ Folder”
Emerald by Roadrunner01Pinkish Roses I by PhilluppusFuture Berry by LouCrowGlance by sesam-is-open
red poppy trio by hoshitsuStanding together by VampirbieneBroken Beak But Not Broken Spirit by SilkenWindsFavourite Times by Iluvbiscuit2

:iconheart5plz: Our Group’s MEMBERS of THE MONTH :iconheart5plz:

Thank you to these long time outstanding Members who have been loyal to our Group in various ways- submitting their work, and voting each month, and being supportive and encouraging. We are very grateful to them for all they do and being a great part of our Group here! :heart:

:iconenalla: :iconflowersplz:
Green by EnallaBird Watching by EnallaPeaceful by Enalla
Playful by EnallaLurker by Enalla

:iconsalemcat: :iconflowersplz:
Sleepy Birdie by SalemCatBeing a Mom by SalemCatLafrienier Park Bunny by SalemCat
Ring Billed Gull by SalemCatAfter the Storm by SalemCat

:iconflowerthnxplz: Our Group’s MOST Recent Donors of POINTS :iconflowerthnxplz:

:iconcindy1701d: :rose:
Happy Wolf by cindy1701d

:iconbillndrsn: :rose:
Sweating... by billndrsnGolden... by billndrsnRed... by billndrsnStacked....... by billndrsn
Stacked.. by billndrsnMy Kittie, R.I.P.... by billndrsn

:iconjocelyner: :rose:
First Tree Buds by JocelyneRCharming And Sunlit Female Duck. by JocelyneRSurprise! by JocelyneRPoupine Discovering the Outside World by JocelyneR

:iconenalla: :rose:
Dancing cat by Enalla

:iconsurrealistic-gloom: :rose:
Gloomy Cat Head - 2 by surrealistic-gloomAt Night In The Forest by surrealistic-gloomThe Voyageur by surrealistic-gloomSedum Buds - macro - for Teresa by surrealistic-gloom

:iconmjwarephotography: :rose:
Bay by MJWarePhotographyInfrared by MJWarePhotography

:iconsilkenwinds: :rose:
I Know You Love Me! by SilkenWindsFlamingo Pond 2 by SilkenWinds

:iconshirimasen: :rose:
Georgie by ShirimasenMe and Ruthie-o Down By the Schoolyard by ShirimasenRuthie - Alert pittie by ShirimasenEl Magnifico by Shirimasen

:iconcorvidae65: :rose:
Calling From the Trees by Corvidae65Two Thousand and Twelve by Corvidae65Damselfly by Corvidae65The Different Ones by Corvidae65

:iconjamminjo: :rose:
Getting to know you....... by JamminJoFall Changes by JamminJoLunch by JamminJoWanna Walk? by JamminJo
Changes all around me by JamminJoBamboozaled by JamminJoWedding rose by JamminJoClouds by JamminJo
Bambi by JamminJoSpring Pinecone by JamminJo

:iconvampirbiene: :rose:
Autumn island by VampirbieneBlue grapes by VampirbieneHere I am by VampirbieneLike the sun by Vampirbiene
Something new by VampirbieneJust a rose by Vampirbiene

:iconlenslove78: :rose:

:iconiluvbiscuit2: :rose:
Meg 2 by Iluvbiscuit2

:iconbaroquedoll: :rose:
21 dicembre by baroquedoll

:iconsbg-crewstock: TWO New Contributors! :iconsbg-crewstock:
We’d like to Warmly Welcome our two new Contributors to our TEAM here! :heart:

Starburst by ShirimasenRice Paper by ShirimasenMiss Mushroom Nose by Shirimasen
Impatience by ShirimasenOxeye by Shirimasen

Baby Fern by EnallaAlpaca II by EnallaNew beginning by Enalla
On a boat trip by EnallaPipsa by Enalla

:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:trophy: Our “Baby Nature” CONTEST! :trophy:

Ends: In a Matter of a Few Hours...
1,100 :points: available for FIRST PLACE!

Read ALL about it, HERE:
:iconfawnplz: Unframed-Nature's 'Baby Nature' Contest! by Unframed-Nature :iconfawnplz:


:pointr: Judging is from: June 12th - June 18th...
I will compile their results and present them to you a couple days after the last day that judging closes. :)

:trophy: July’s Monthly Theme: “Nature in Black & White” :trophy:

:bulletblack: OPENS: July 1st and
CLOSES: July 31st along with our 5 regular folders.
:bulletblack: One Entry per MEMBER.
:bulletblack: All-Media Welcome that would fit this theme.
For Example: Photography, Manips., Digital, Traditional, Animation, Fractals, ...
as long as it is Nature that is in BLACK & WHITE.

:bulletred: NO muted tones, sepias, tints, colour-selections. Stick to the THEME.
This theme is pretty black and white. ;)

:bulletgreen: You May Submit, ANYTHING that you would normally submit to ANY of our  five regular folders, as long as it follows our Group’s regular rules!

If you are NOT sure, check INSIDE of each folder for the specific rules for that folder.

Or for the overview our Group, which includes the rules for our Group,
go HERE:…

:bulletblack: It may be old or new, but not previously submitted to the Group.

:bulletgreen: Submit your VERY BEST, as our Monthly Themes are treated as MINI-CONTESTS!!!  :eager:

:bulletblack: Members will VOTE, on what they feel is the TOP, during the WEEK of voting, on “TOP SUBMISSIONS of JULY” [Aug. 1st - Aug. 7th]
They WON’T vote on their own, in this folder, if they’ve participated to it.

:trophy: PRIZES :trophy:

1st -  125 :points: & Big Feature
2nd - 75 :points: & Big Feature

Two Runners Up - 20 :points: EACH, and Feature

All from Unframed-Nature

:note: If anyone is promoting this July Theme/Mini-Contest, it is appreciated. :thanks:

:bulletblack: It’s not required to link back to this blog about the Monthly Theme, or to the Theme Folder, in your Artist Comments, the way we ALWAYS REQUIRE for our BIG CONTESTS. But you can if you want. It’s OPTIONAL. :)

We have begun to kindly ask for POINTS :points: again for our group, because after especially our BIG Contest, we will need to build back up, A LOT, to help especially with the BIG ITEMS coming up for the REST OF 2012:

Our annual Autumn Contest
SuperGroup renewal in December
[We also hope to hold Monthly Themes, as Mini-Contests, most months.]

We don’t want to be rushed at the end of the year, when it comes to renewing, Super Group.  :aww:

The Widget is HERE:

:points: Unframed-Nature's Points Pool by Unframed-Nature :points:

Any and ALL Donations would be HIGHLY appreciated... and you will read how you will be recognized and rewarded for your kind generosity!


:new: NEW FOLDER :new:

“Featured News and Journals of 2012”

I have updated our TOTAL FAQ sheet, with regard to the RULES about this Folder, HERE:…

[Scroll, to under the other regular folder descriptions... ]

Or, for your convenience, I have placed the RULES to this folder, INSIDE the folder, itself, HERE:…

:note: It is also possible, Admins., will request some News and Journals, that follow along these lines. :aww: :thanks:

:iconfeathersplz: Group Reminders

:bulletblack: We are an ALL-Media Group, but NOT all Subjects. MUST be ALL Nature-Related. Read more inside the LINK provided just below. :aww:
:bulletgreen: DO submit your BEST QUALITY work- we are NOT an elitist group, but we DO want your best quality, please! :thanks:
:bulletred: Do NOT Submit to the “Group DONORS’ Folder”, as it is being used for Group Donors. :thanks:
:bulletgreen: DO Submit Birds, Etc. to the folder labeled WITH Birds, Etc., even though most birds are considered “Wild”... :thanks:
:bulletred: We are MORE strict in 2012, than in 2011, with Architecture and will NOT be allowing nearly as much...  We have certain restrictions with humans, bridges, BOATS, etc., as well.
:bulletgreen: If you have NOT read the COMPLETE “New Folder Descriptions and Rules” feel FREE to do so by going HERE:…. SCROLL to that section.
OR Rules for each Folder, are right inside of EACH Folder, for your convenience.  :aww:

:iconloveorangeplz: Affiliate Groups’ NEWS & CONTESTS :iconloveorangeplz:

:icondawishingwell: is an awesome wonderful Group!
It’s where “Wishes Can Come True!”
So if you have a dA wish, come check us out!
We also hold and participate in a variety of special and positive activities...
such as: “Tuesday Treats”
Tuesday Treats: Self Portraits by dAWishingWell
and: “Wonderful Wednesday”
Wonderful Wednesday by JamminJo
which then get featured to, weekly to: “WishingWell Weekly”
Wonderful Wednesday by JamminJo

:rose: :rose: :rose:

:icondevnews: is a positive group spinning the world of dA NEWS your way!
Simply JOIN, to find out what’s going on in the dA world around YOU! :nod:
We, our group, of Unframed-Nature has been featured with them a couple times,
among so many wonderful things reported here... It’s a work of heart.  :heart: :love:
Latest, June 1st Edition:
DevNews 10th Edition, 2012 by JamminJo
and also of utmost interest:
The Neglected Importance of the Online Community by TimberClipse

:icondeviantheart: a group that’s all HEART! :heart:
“Promoting Positivity”
This groups supports positive initiatives and projects around dA,
as well as a variety of positive art and artists. It is a helpful and kind group.
Here is a recent project underway, backed by deviantHEART
Acts of Random Kindness! by Hardrockangel

:icontreelovers: is hosting a BIG and Year-Long Community Project called:
“Art for Trees”
Read about this wonderful and worthy project HERE:
Art for Trees - project by MirachRavaia

:iconanimalsoftheworld:  is a wonderful Group!
They are having a fun Contest: “Colourful Birds”
Ends: June 15th --- Just a few more days!!!
Please Read about it HERE:

:iconpetpicks: is a great group about pets and nature. :aww:
They are having a Mini-Contest,
Ends: June 22nd or pending...
“Why You Love Your Pet”

PetPicks Mini Contest! CLOSED by PetPicks

:iconbarknsnap: is back in the DOG GAME! ;)
Our new Contributor here, Shirimasen has taken over this group as it’s new FOUNDER,
and is bringing it BACK TO LIFE!
If you LOVE your dog, you will love this group. :heart:
Please check it out, and support this new group! :la:

:trophy: WINNERS of AFFILIATE CONTEST :trophy:
From: :iconbird-photography:

First Place Winners - TIE!
Owl Stare Bengal Eagle Owl
Owl Stare Bengal Eagle Owl by 0Iluvater0 by :icon0iluvater0:

Haliaeetus Leucocephalus I
Haliaeetus Leucocephalus I by blizzard2006 by :iconblizzard2006:

Second Place
Being small
Being small by Mayini by :iconmayini:

Third Place
What the Hell Do You Want?
What the Hell Do You Want? by LucieJirankova by :iconluciejirankova:


Thank you for your attention to our wonderful Affiliates. :thanks:


Thank you ALL,
Members and hard working Admins. alike!

:iconwhiteflowerplz: :iconpinkflowerplz: :iconwhiteflowerplz:

We, at Unframed-Nature wish you all any little JOYS of JUNE that you may find.

We look forward to seeing more of your sensational submissions!


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